Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"because i knew hanging out with y'all would be more fun."

a direct quote from our guest. and it was true. this past weekend was a wonderful blast from the past. as cayce put it, it was an "adult" weekend. there was duffy's, the weiner circle, the most beautiful red head on the bus, stretch off with my doorman, the cubs, old style, and brainstorming a cure for aids, but one thing noticeably missing and perhaps not missed at all - drama! visitors are always welcomed, but you're even more welcomed if you can keep me laughing from friday afternoon until monday morning. there are many stories that will be told over and over again among "my people," but i'm thinking i should leave those to us and leave you with our pictures.

hoping the night won't turn out like one of our infamous beach trips!

"i've been thinking... and you are my people."

"They're good together, huh?" "Well, I like Cayce and I like him, so - yeah!"

"This is my favorite picture of the whole night!"
"Those are not my friends - walk in front of me so no one thinks they're with me."

nothing feels quite as good as bringing old friends and new friends together at the K-Fed Bar!

the devil in the white city...

"look for the most normal person to take our picture"
"Oh, thanks for saying i'm normal!"

"can we maybe go back and get more of those hot dogs?"

"you are going to get hit by a car and everyone will see your who ha!"

and lastly... it wouldn't be a trip if my camera didn't get stolen for this pose!