Monday, April 30, 2007

"oh my gawd, they are like perfect!"

when i sit down to dinner on friday, i'll be meeting the parents. since analyzing is my cardio, i will probably be 5 lbs lighter and completely toned by then! there is much to be done from now until then - eyebrows waxed, toe nails painted, appropriate clothes picked out... must be a presentable lady, after all it's derby weekend - i'll have stiff competition.

i'm not worried about the siblings. the brother just finished writing his first screen play... come on - syd field is my homeboy. it. was. my. major! for his sister - she LOVES beyonce, and i think she's the only person in the world that i haven't told about that night that i spent with beyonce and jay z in nyc... i'm in like flynt with the siblings. if all else fails with the parents - at least i'll have blog material...

i was teasing justin about already having so much in common with his siblings and that i wished we had that much in common. our commonalities go without saying, and where we differ, i think that's when we truly compliment each other.

the other day i was standing on the street and three girls came prancing up ready to start their night. One girl asked, "So, how are Sarah and Taylor doing??" "Oh my Gawd! They are so good! I mean they have so much in common!!" "I know - didn't you say they both went to Michigan State AND were from the same town??" "Yeah, and he totally says that word that she says all the time... i mean i've said, but she says it like all the time." "Ginourmous??? Oh my gawd, they are totally perfect! The next thing you're going to say is that they like grew up next door to each other and didn't know it."

from the sound of that, all i have to find is one word that me and the parents both like to say, and i will be in! wish me luck, bitches <---perhaps my golden ticket word!