Monday, May 07, 2007

hey, gaylord!

the "blogger" in me so wanted some crazy ass twisted stories to spring out of this weekend, but the girlfriend in me truly wanted it go good. i even thought there might be a little vomit as we made the hour and a half trek from his house to theirs.

unfortunately, i can bring none of those to you.

while the weekend wasn't awkward, it wasn't great either. it was wonderful! it felt like i was going to an old friend's house that i had known my whole life. we felt comfortable enough to joke around with each other, and even tease each other a bit. i mean seriously - most people aren't this lucky, and i realize not much could go wrong during a 4 hour pedicure then dinner, but think back to every bad date you've been on, and you realize that PLENTY can go wrong in that span of time.

justin has a mother who loves to take pictures... this is us with his brother and sister in law.

in honor of derby weekend we had mint juleps. if it's good enough for the queen, it's good enough for me!

and partly because i need to brag on my other half, but mostly because i had to leave them there, he surprised me at the airport with a dozen long stemmed pink roses.

he clearly knows that pink is the way to my heart=)