Friday, November 16, 2007

15 days until the rest of my life

Thanks to my trusty herbal supplement, my anxiety levels are surprisingly low, especially considering i have only 15 days until i become a wife. a wife!

that's not the part i'm anxious about. even the part about to have and to hold for the rest of forever... i'm good as gold.

but the part about... will my hair be ok? will my teeth be white enough? will i be tan enough for a white dress (cream actually)? will anyone be in attendance? will the music be ok? will the pictures turn out to my liking? this is the stuff that clutters my mind at 3 am and keeps me awake if i fail to take my sleep aid. i thought i would be exhausted enough one day this week to just sleep, but turns out my mind wasn't as exhausted as my body, so it went into over drive at about 3 am and pulled me out of bed.

when i do sleep, i have outrageous dreams about the wedding and reception. as you know, i have no say in the reception, and can only imagine what it will be like. my imagination told me the other night that it would be held in my church gymnasium, decorated with thousands of balloons and my very own east Texas Mary Poppins impersonator with an accent ala british meets hick.

if there's one thing i know, is that when it comes to Julie Andrews, my mom would never chose anyone over Maria Von Trapp and all 7 of those children. especially if she need reception entertainment!