Monday, November 19, 2007

just another list...

my sweet blog friend shanti (a wavy haired girl) tagged me to do a list of 7 weird things about me, and i seems like i post a lot of weird things about myself, so i'm modifying the game. how about that?

since i am getting married in a few weeks this is going to be all wedding, because you haven't heard enough yet. this is for all those nutty people who tell you to enjoy being engaged!

here are a few things i've learned about planning my wedding...

1. no one cares about your wedding as much as you do. yes, you're the one that got proposed to, and you're the one that will take the vows, but like many other events in life people get preoccupied with themselves and they will worry more over getting their fake eyelashes on or their dress hemmed more than they will over your wedding. of course, they'll mask it with a this is your day excuse, but just trust me... no one cares more than you!

2. it's ok if you think being engaged is the pits. i snicker inside when i complain, because seriously... the day i say i do i will have only been engaged for 4 months! one of the most relieving calls i've gotten during this time was from my friend stephanie klein who said, "How are you really? sometimes being engaged can be awful, and i should know - i've done it twice!" i'm sure it's a fabu time for girls that just eat and eat and eat and can't gain a pound, and have endless funds to spend on every stupid thing they want at their wedding. for the rest of us, it's too many people with their own opinions pushing their own agendas and making me wish i had of eloped on august 7th.

3. if you thought your engagement ring was beautiful... wait until you pair it with your wedding ring! i picked up my wedding ring from the jeweler on friday and i barely wanted to take it off. both are beautiful separate, but together they are divine! so sparkly and wonderful i'll probably spend more time than should be allowed starring at it.

4. not everyone will come to your wedding that you invite, and it's a-ok to feel a twinge of disappointment and to be a little sad and a touch angry that you think higher of them than they think of you. it's a truly humbling feeling when you think, there is no way i could get married with out that person in the audience, only to realize they have something more important to do than to attend your wedding. at the end of the day - the most important and special people will be there. the really nice feeling is knowing that if no one shows up, or if every guest shows up the only one that really matters is your other half.

5. wedding registries trump birthdays and christmas gifts! i always thought wedding gifts were so boring - forks, towels, plates... until i got them! there is nothing boring about beautifully wrapped treasures from williams-sonoma arriving! i have enough green grosgrain ribbon to outfit an entire private school of preppy little girls with new bows! plus with all the store credit we've acquired, i'm chomping at the bit for black friday! and as cheesy as this may sound, it's true... the best gift for me will arrive when i'm surrounded by the greatest friends and family a bride could ask for.

6. there is but one important goal of a wedding. it's not to have the prettiest flowers, or to pick the best music, or to even be the skinniest bride. the only thing that really matters at the end of all this hoopla is to become husband and wife. everything won't be perfect and something will go wrong - someone will probably even bring kids against my wishes, but none of these will obtain the goal. they will certainly compliment and accessorize the goal, but married they will not make me.

7. marriage vows are a pretty powerful and amazing thing. i had this overwhelming feeling come over me when i thought about the sanctity of marriage vows the other day. for such a simple thought, it hit me like a ton of bricks when i realized that my husband is the one and only person i will ever stand before and promise to God to love, honor and cherish in all of life's circumstances. i will never make a vow like that to my friends, or my family, or even my children. there is but one man whom i will be accountable to for as long as we both shall live, and him to me. that is a pretty amazing thought, and knowing that it's justin that i have the honor and privilege of making that vow to might be the most overwhelmingly greatest feeling of all. i may never win the lottery, but i am certainly the luckiest woman alive.