Wednesday, November 21, 2007

turkey, anyone?

my brain slowed down just long enough yesterday to remember that tomorrow is thanksgiving! how could one be so forgetful?

i've packed enough to fill a small uhaul to get everything we might and may never need to texas for the holiday and the wedding. ok maybe not a small uhaul, but two large suitcases (one of them is just for shoes), golf clubs, bathroom bag, rubbermaid tub of wedding stuff - guest book, boys ties, my hair thing, and several other bags of stuff we can't possibly live without for the next week and a half! oh, and the rings too, they were packed first - wouldn't that be a tragedy to forget.

justin is over the moon to pull up to two thanksgiving tables and eat his weight in turkey and dressing. he's already making mental room for seconds, because he could care less about the sweets, while i'm trying to justify chocolate pie one week before i slip on the dress. but really... what's 700 more calories in the grand scheme of life? isn't that why God invented photo shop? to photo shop out the double chins? would be my guess...

my family is excited for us to be there. my dad called monday to talk about our anticipated arrival. i can tell he's genuinely thrilled to be getting a son in law, and even happier that it's justin. now he has a brand new person he can show around his shop and visit with on his deck. they're similar souls... gentle and kind... both the type of men who enjoy listening to me and humor me by laughing at my stories. dad said, "You know, I've been thinking about Justin, and I can't find one thing about him that's not to love." great minds must think alike.

i have more than enough to be thankful for, and for starters, i'm thankful to be falling asleep under a texas sky tonight surrounded by my loved ones and of course, chocolate pie.