Thursday, December 20, 2007

honeymoon state of mind

I'm guessing i'm still in a honeymoon state of mind. i couldn't update the week after the wedding, and didn't want to the next week, so it turned into routine. like when you're on a dedicated work out kick and you skip one day and then it turns into a week, well now it's been a month!

honestly, i was waiting to post when i had wedding pictures to share, so i wouldn't have to tell you how beautiful my wedding was...i could back it up with proof. i've seen the pictures, and like any roll of film, some are bad, some are great. as soon as i get the disk, i will put up some of the favorites!

so let's see.... how can i finish this statement?

in the past month I...

-Got a new last name that I love! I take every advantage of using it.

-Got a new computer! Mine just keeps rebooting and not starting. i knew this day would come, and beyond the itunes that are lost, i was saddest about loosing my camera software. wouldn't you know that computers come with SD slots, so you can upload from your memory card? if i hadn't of found it on my computer, i would have invented it myself.

-Got straight across bangs! total anne hathaway/heidi klum style. i did not, however, grow 11 inches, but i got the bangs. i wanted a change and before i chopped my hard work, i figured i'd try bangs. those cute new bobs are so dang tempting!

-Got some fantastic gifts! i'll be sharing with you my very favorites of all my showers gifts, but so excited to serve my guests on my new dishes. sounds like a a thank you note.... been doing a lot of that too. gawd i just love those dishes... seeing them makes my heart warm.

-Got a new roommate who is my lovah! living with a boy is funny, and i already have many a story to share, so stay tuned!

thanks for being patient. i missed you!