Monday, December 24, 2007

"love's the thing... the rest is just tinsel!" -pam brown

Justin and I have been searching high and low for traditions to start for our new family. do we read the Christmas story from Luke? do we open our gifts on the eve or the day? do we wait until we have little ones to form traditions? however, we put one into practice this year that i think will be a cherished tradition for many many years to come.

I can't take credit though... i read about this in a magazine, and borrowed it and we made it our own. so here's the deal - i bought plain white gift tags... no santa, no words, no wreaths. then instead of writing to: lesli, from: justin we added a special touch. we either hinted at the gift or credited someone famous for the gift. justin's reecord player... from: his favorite dance partner. my photoshop (yes i got it! - i LOVE santa) to: pam, from: jim - may your inner artist grow (a nod to the office). for a "stylish sweater" justin asked for... from: tim gunn. reading the cards was almost more exciting than opening the gift.

because i keep everything, i will keep these for a very very long time. and also because i keep everything we're having a wedding themed Christmas! Somehow i came home with every single bag from every single gift at every single shower, and being the frugal stickler i am, you know i couldn't splurge on Christmas wrapping paper. nothing says Santa like black and white bag with a bride! and yes, our presents are under the tv. flat screen plasmas are the Christmas tree!

we wish you a very merry christmas this year, and so do oprah, and paula deen and brad pitt and whomever makes you happy!