Thursday, November 01, 2007

what's in your closet?

we had our first shower this weekend, and somehow i managed to forget my camera, which is no small task, because i take my camera everywhere with me! so, i have no pictures from the shower, but i have photographed the aftermath.

i knew boys were weird before i ever got an other half, but i never really knew how weird until i started getting wedding presents. the gifts need there space, therefore justin has to clean out his outside closet. if i had an outside closet, all you would have to do was sweep the floor, because i'm too afraid that bugs would invade my things if i left them out there. justin's outside closet is a different story. when i asked him if there was anything in there he said sheepishly, "kind of..." what do you mean? "well... it's full of boxes." boxes of what? "nothing, just empty boxes so when i move i can put things back in the original box." ok... that's logical, but for now, we need the extra space more than we need the moving convenience in the future.

after the shower i witnessed first hand what exactly he means by saving boxes. you were thinking tv box or something, right?

i hope you didn't miss the swiffer box in there. i supposed he planned on taking it apart and returning it to the box before his next big move. please also take note of the trashcan box. see, i told you that boys are weird! i'm half expecting to find a hidden shelf full of old kleenex boxes!

rather than bore you with all of the gifts that we got i picked my favorite to share. let me know if you'd like to see our new towels and pliers, and i'll get to posting!

this is from my new grandmother, and i adore it already. it's an antique pie plate and an antique pitcher. there is an interesting story behind my new grandmother, and i can't wait to share her story on here, but it will have to wait until next week so i can do it pictorial justice!

my new grandmother owns and antique store and this weekend is open house... am i marrying well or what?