Wednesday, October 31, 2007

QUESTION... am i the kind of woman that is obsessed with a tv show?

FACT! I AM the kind of woman that is obsessed with a tv show, and said tv show would be...The Office. yes, i am 4 years behind the wagon, but the point is - i'm on the wagon now!

i say obsessed, because i really do feel like they are my friends. i've said that before with other tv shows, and the grey's anatomy people and sex and the city girls were my first friends, but i find myself waking up in the morning wondering how jim and pam are doing.

i'll be the first to admit that when i would catch an episode from time to time i thought it was so silly that jim had a crush on nerdy old pam, but now that i've been apart of their relationship, i get it, and it's been nice to know that they end up together, because i would torture myself with the suspense. i mean i kind of do anyway since in one week i've already watched two seasons, and rushed out last night to get the third because i had to know how the wedding was called off, and how jim hooked up with karen.

I always like to pick favorites with anything i do, but everyday my favorite changes. every single one of them is so damn funny that i can't help but laugh until i can't breathe anymore. i will say of the main ones that jim is my favorite, and he IS my real life friend - brad. facial expressions and all.

don't you see the similarities?

clearly, i am NOT pam, but real life pam is a doll!

and for the record... i'm sure you think the british one is better, and it probably is, but these are my friends and british accents bug me!