Thursday, October 25, 2007

who ya gonna call - GUT BUSTER!

i'm not afraid to tell you that i purchased my first "gut buster" a couple of weeks ago at a moment of self-conscious desperation. i'll admit that it was long over due, and it seemed like a quick fix to finding instant results that would make at least feel like my hard work was paying off. if you're wondering...i picked the bike shorts kind with a high waist.

i took the gut buster for a spin later that evening on a double date. well two couples... i have no idea if there were two gut busters present, but i never felt like my gut buster was doing what it was supposed to do. you know... i didn't get that smooth feeling... there were still rolls.

not to give up, i tried again. this time dressed down, but my jeans still seemed tight around the middle, so when i took it off i cast it to the floor to be left there and i planned on ignoring it until it decided to act right. as i went to pack it a few days later i realized, oh it's a thigh slimmer and is not in the business of busting guts.

what's a girl to do? that's right... drag my fat ass (and fat everything else) to the store and find a true gut buster. once i slipped it on and felt it smooth my rolls and suffocate the life out of me, all was right with the world. however, anyone know where i can find something that will give me rocking gaunt cheeks?