Tuesday, October 23, 2007

more than a week

i said it would be a sparse week... perhaps i should have said it would have been longer.

last week i hit my wedding rock bottom. after going through all the planning and decision making and difference of opinions, i wonder why i spent most of my life dreaming about my wedding. hear me now - save yourself the time and thought and quit thinking about your wedding if there isn't one in the foreseeable future and focus on the easy things... you know like the hills or britney's new album. trust me on this one.

i'll spare you the details, because really it's not worth complaining about. no matter what happens or what does not happen, at the end of the day i am marrying my other half, and that is the best, and most important part of this wedding and my life.

however, i will fancy you the details of the attire-
the bridesmaid dress... shopping is supposed to be fun right? since i abhor those god-forsaken strapless satin gowns, i opted for something a tad different. you know the song and dance... something they can wear again. IF a little black dress is required...

my first choice-
darling, right? would be really darling if it arrived with more than 5 days until the big day. obviously we couldn't take that chance, so i hit the pavement...well, went to every store i could think of and every possible website.

on my second try i took a worthy model with me, and we tried this. as a word of advice - only actually buy this dress if you are this girl in the picture. we did get a very nice laugh out of it!

even this one... if i'm going for different, how's this for different. it's cute, funky, ties in cool colors, but doesn't really jive with my "theme." gosh this dress is rocking... great neckline, covers the fat part of arms... maybe this is my rehearsal dinner dress...

all roads led to this... while this would look clownish on my 5 foot 1 inch body, it will look darling on my tall bridesmaids.

now to the jewelry... seriously, who knew there were sooooooooooooooo many decisions involved in a wedding? this is torture for the most indecisive person in the world!