Thursday, October 11, 2007

sparse week

this week might be a little sparse for the old blog, because i had to get back to the great state for a little visit because i've simply had enough of midwestern mexican food.

sort of, i mean i've had enough of it, and i have some important things to take care of.

1. seriously, about the mexican food - i've searched far and wide, and NOTHING beats what i enjoyed in austin, texas. even the "bad" mexican food was exponentially better than "good" anywhere i've been.

2. it's high time for a girls night in, girls night out, girls night upside down at my favorite farm house in texas. there are two white rocking chairs on the porch with our name on it. plus our friends from seattle grace will be there.

3. churches and dress and hair, oh my! i'll be knocking some wedding stuff out... got to see that church, get my dress hemmed and fix this hair. not that it's broken, but it's crying out for new color and a cut!

4. that means... i'll have plenty of pictures to share when i resurface. nope, not of the dress. no one is seeing that puppy until it walks down the aisle.

ps - before i fell asleep last night all i could think about was how the word SPARSE was misspelled in the title... ah ya ya... had to wait for morning.