Sunday, October 07, 2007

Grey's Stir Fry

I haven't done a food update in a while, and i made deliciously spicy stir fry for grey's anatomy and found it worthy of sharing. allie informed me that her next post would also be about stir fry, so what can i say - great minds, share a brain! (if you're wondering - i didn't peek at her post to be sure that we said different things.)

here's how it all started. allie recommended this peanut butter to me the other day, and i gave it a shot. it's great, and without all of the sugary taste of usual peanut butter, it was the inspiration for my version of Spicy Peanut Chicken Stir Fry!

as you well know, i do not typically measure, or write things down, even if i do i'll just guesstimate, but here is what i used to make the chicken marinade -

-Peanut Butter
-Soy Sauce
-Rice Wine Vinegar
-Chopped Garlic
-Wasabi Paste
-Firey Cock Sauce
-Spicy Mustard

the bulk of the marinade was soy and peanut butter. together they cut the sharpness of other, so neither would over power the other. the other ingredients added subtle flavor, and best of all - spicy, hot, greatness!

I didn't have any thai noodles, so i used good old wheat spaghetti noodles... they did the trick and no one complained.

then added the veggies to the wok, and because sandra lee is my favorite, i'll admit that they are bagged veggies. it's cheating, i know, but it's also semi homemade! and i spent ZERO minutes chopping!

since i love the baby corn and the water chestnuts the best... i added more. my recipe - i do what i want!

Ta-Da! The final product right before it was plated. and just in case it wouldn't burn your nose enough, i of course offered more fiery cock sauce on the side!