Thursday, October 04, 2007

i wake up, it's a bad dream - keane

isn't it weird how when you're having those fantastic dreams that you never want to end, you will inevitably wake up right before it's about to get good, but if you are having a bad dream, even if you wake up you'll keep dreaming about it?

clearly i've been elbow deep in wedding invitations, because in my dreams last night it was the rehearsal dinner and i hadn't sent any of them out. nor had i gotten anything to wear to the RD and decided i would just improvise with something old. or something i didn't even own like black cowboy boots. The RD will NOT have a line dance theme! guess i couldn't get black boots off my brain, because i've been out looking for my 2007 pair of black boots! it's the one thing that i like to replace every year. plus, i'm awfully hard on shoes, so i deserve it, right?

all the bad dreaming made me think about people with real problems. as the very last fan of britney spears still admitting it, i know that some of you came back during the divorce, but i've stuck it out when it seemed like it could get no worse, and then she'd shave her head, i am finally going to say something. when anything happens in her life, i will typically get emails, phone calls, ims, etc to let me know - like i don't stay abreast of the news in the world, and i've stayed quiet about her for a long time.

until now. will you all agree with me that justice has been served to a celebrity? sure paris and nicole may never serve out jail time, but her kids were taken away from her. her kids. not her driver's license or her dignity, her children. and while i do hope that this is the best thing for my favorite pop star, something inside makes me hurt for her. it's one thing for people to smear your name, it's a whole other thing when family is involved. that is what i call a real problem.

there, i said it...guess i better get back to addressing my non-problems.