Monday, October 01, 2007


i have GREAT news to report to you - a new church has been found, and all is right with the world, er my wedding. after my mom called to report the condemnation, i calmed myself down by thinking that there must be something out there better. there HAS to be something better, or the floor wouldn't have fallen in... and this is it - on the outside, it's what my other half wanted, and on the inside it suits me to a wedding day "T." not to be a bragger, but i did pretty good at keeping the numbing thought that i would i would wake up everyday for the rest of my life and think, yeah, i had a wedding, but it wasn't at all what i wanted.

apparently it payed off, because won't this be perfect? can't you just picture me walking down the very sturdy aisle to the beautiful organ playing?

oh, and the invitations are being fixed as well. before i called the company to discuss my options i considered best and worst case scenarios. i landed somewhere in the middle, and i'm happy. please let it be stated for the record that through both of these minor fiascoes, i did not shed ONE single tear. which according to superstition, is a very good thing, as the only tears that are lucky are to be shed at the alter, so i'll save some up!