Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"laugh at your problems, everybody else does."

"are you sitting down?" these are words you rarely want to hear. horrible tragic events begin sprinting not running through my head. something happened to gram. that had to be it, she's old. my brother did something. he's always got something up his sleeve.

one thing i hadn't guessed was that the floor of the church where me and my other half will be taking our vows had fallen in. yes, the floor fell in. in my attempt to have the perfect shabby-chic, antique wedding of my dreams at a precious little white church, i failed to take into account the possibility of the floor falling in and the church becoming condemned. i couldn't help but laugh, because other than the fact this causes a bit of anxiety and stress that me and my mom thought we had passed a while ago, this is pretty funny. i am counting my lucky stars that this happened far enough out that it can be remedied, and i chuckle to myself when i think of walking down the aisle to meet my groom in my beautiful gown, and then falling through the floor. guess i wouldn't have to worry about finding those fabulous shoes if i knew i was going to end up in the dirt.
so, back to the drawing board for me and my mom. i have to figure out where i'd pick as my back up choice, since there was no plan B and my mom is back hitting the pavement looking for something to appease my taste.
i was happy to report to you that my invitations had arrived last week and i was pleased to announce that they were perfect for my shabby chic, antique wedding...

until i realized that there is no floor in the church that is printed on the invitation. oh brother... and so ensues my comedy of errors, so please sit back with me and have a laugh. only 67 more days of laughs to go!