Wednesday, January 09, 2008

details i'm dying to share!

Decorations with rings...
- In the sanctuary I used these "beaded stems" pictured in the top left to make two tall arrangements. The aisle carpet was a cranberry red, and i thought these stems nicely pulled together the cranberry and light pink.
Pew Arrangements...
- Instead of a big organza bow I opted for a tin mail holder. This fit perfectly with my shabby chic theme and brought out the colors. In the tins I put three antique cream and light pink roses with greenery and the beaded stems. Yes, i said three... i believe in total there were 18 roses in the sanctuary, not including my bouquet. Flowers were not where i wanted to spend the money, but i thought the sanctuary was absolutely beautiful and perfect!

-My bouquet was light pink roses with black feathers. can we say fabu? the girls carried purses with the same flowers and feathers that were in my hair piece. hindsight, i would have used the same feathers in the bouquet and the purses/hair, but still... it all worked great!

My new sisters and allie...their purses and bracelets were made by ali, and i made my own earrings. very therapeutic activities the week of the wedding
My father and my brother moments before i walked down the aisle. Funny, I got a little antsy in the dressing room, but when i got to the "holding" room i was as cool as a cucumber.

I made a conscious effort to stay focused on Justin the entire way down the aisle. I knew if my eyes veered from him I'd lose focus and look to see who was in attendance. I did end up seeing 2 people - my girlfriend's husband, and one of Justin's friend's wife. funny how you remember those things.

another conscious decision i made was to be in the moment of my wedding. for all of the thought and effort and tears, there was not one detail i wanted to forget. this probably helped in calming me down. i can fully say that i remember my day, and i felt more beautiful than these pictures can do justice. standing up and committing holy vows to justin made me radiate with love and you could see it on my face.