Wednesday, January 16, 2008

living great... the beginning

it's 16 days into the new year, and i still haven't taken the time to tell you what i resolve to do differently this year. since i basically went above and beyond last year*, this year i'm going for bigger and bolder by way of a theme.

My new years resolution is ~ Living Great in 08'! catchy, huh? it can be yours too! to me this theme could encompass so much more than losing weight or getting organized, and Lord knows i need to do both.

It's about changing my life and the way I live. Last year i got the best new addition a woman could dream of, so now it's up to me to live the best way i know how.


-maybe i've watched too many oprah's about going green, but it's time for me to make changes that will effect the world we live in. I am going to try to do more, but these are the small changes i will commit to.
1. I will live great by using cloth napkins in my home, carrying a water bottle around for my drinks, and using reusable bags for shopping.

-again... i've probably seen dr. oz on oprah too many times, but it's time to understand what is going into my body and how it affecting me.
2. I will live great by providing my body with sound nutrition and vitamins to make me a stronger healthier person.

-i am beginning to realize what good and genuine relationships are made of, how they function and what makes them tick.
3. I will live great by surrounding myself by honest and true people who will aid me in my growth as a woman and a wife. In return I will live great by striving to give them a genuine love that will encourage and foster a binding bond.

-it's funny how falling in love made me so aware of how richly blessed I am with new responsibilities, and dare i say it - someone to live and enjoy my life with.
4. I will live great by being the wife that I vowed to be and to find new ways to enjoy my husband and enjoy our new life together. WE will live great by living our life and not waiting for it to happen.

i better go... i will be very busy for the next 50 weeks! waaaa hooo for 2008!

*In case you haven't been reading since last year, my resolution was to get a boyfriend in 2007. In exactly 11 months from January 1, 2007, i was married. promise to gawd there was no cheating.