Tuesday, January 22, 2008

in sickness and in health

i've been practicing those vows for the past two days with a bed-ridden sickly husband. we first thought his animal allergies were flaring up. not being one that suffers from pet allergies i admit that i have low sympathy tolerance for these symptoms.

but when he was still running a fever of 103 degrees 24 hours later, we ruled out animal allergies! my poor husband (see... i'm sympathetic!) has been on his death bed in a hotel room that is the farthest thing from your idea of home.

i knew my husband was really sick when these three things occurred.

1. I brought him home a delicious panini sandwich with a side of mashed potatoes (his fav!) and he ate two bites of the mashed potatoes and half of the panini. this was his only meal for 48 hours, and this is also the guy that will order an appetizer, a soup and an extra side to go with his ridiculous meal!

2. he skipped work for two days straight. never bothers me to play hookey, but justin feels a since of obligation to his work, and for that i am grateful, because i know i will never go without.

3. he agreed to wear my new victoria's secret flannel pajama pants because his were in the laundry!

I post this picture because (A) my new pajamas are really cute, huh? AND (B) it's not fair that my husband can eat an appetizer, soup and add and extra side to his ridiculous entree and still fit into MY size small pj pants! get well honey!

** Update **

Justin is doing much better today, and if you were worried about me, i have better immunity than a challenge winner on survivor! I feel fantastic! (probably helps that i've been living great in 08'!)