Thursday, January 24, 2008

john frieda color glaze

i've always been one for playing favorites - with EVERYTHING, and here is a new favorite of mine that i can't get enough of, and i know that if you trust me and try it out you won't be able to get enough of either.

It's the John Frieda Color Glaze -
I learned about it on that great american hair cut episode of oprah, and of course contemplated it a few times before purchasing, because it's a whopping $8.50. Now I'm hooked, and even bought some for my mom to try out. It makes my hair so silky and smooth, and according to one of my friends it's so shiny it looks like i'm wearing a wig! the good kind of wig, not the the cheapy halloween wigs, she assured me. here's the proof!

so, i'm a believer and i followed the directions on the bottle and not what the girl said on the show. she said use it once a month, but the bottle says it can be in your daily hair regime. let me know if you've tried the color ones, because i've only tried clear, because something tells me that i will be undergoing a dramatic hair make-over very soon!

** Update** When i first got it, i used it daily for at least 3 minutes. now i mostly use it for special occasions... trust me going to the grocery store is a special occasion when you work from home. I do think that it revitalized my hair and made it much smoother and healthier, so now i can just condition and my hair looks fabu! glad y'all are enjoying it too!