Friday, January 25, 2008

overnight guests.

for the 3rd week of living great in 08' week i was successful in keeping my resolutions by taking an overnight trip to another couple's home for 24 hours packed full of good old fashion quality time. this was my first time to spend with them that lasted longer than the time it takes to cover a meal. These are new friends to me that i've inherited through marriage. i'm quite in awe of this couple, because they are our same age, and by the look of things mastered living great well before the idea was a twinkle in my brain.

for example... they are well traveled. and not just your ordinary back packing through europe traveled (which is still a big deal), but they've traveled with a purpose. missions in africa and latin america. their next big trip is to Israel. makes me laugh to myself about weekends in little rock and chicago and tossing around the idea of a trip to dc. living great in 08' has to be relative!

for another example... their house is a meticulous matchy match house. pottery barn or crate and barrel could do a photo shoot there, and you wouldn't know they weren't in the showroom. when justin and i crawled in bed on saturday night in our way too comfy to be a guest room bed bed there was no sign at all that this room might have moonlighted in a college apartment or right after college in your very first "grown up" apartment. my style is more "junk-tiques" eclectic, and justin's is all "i was a 26 year old bachelor up until 2 months ago." trying to find a hint of coordination in his steel gray sectional and my shabby rickety pink table will probably take me longer than 2 months to wrap my creative brain around, but i'm excited for the challenge. this couple has a 3 year head start on us.

i don't have any pictures to share from our overnight stay, because not much that happened in the evening was picture worthy, but it was all living great in 08'. it's great to be blessed with friends that will have you in their home and let you eat grapes off the vine in their kitchen and not feel an overwhelming need to tote you around town to the same old places that are in every town, because really what if we missed the latest episode of My Big Redneck Wedding? come to think of it, they are probably a better example for me than i am for them.