Friday, February 08, 2008

the jungle vs. the mafia

my friend christina and i used to sit on my stoop in chicago and solve the world's problems. we discussed a variety of topics from our other halves (she got married 3 months before me), to our faith, to our unborn children, to sex and the city. we hypothesized that if you loved sex and the city, and i mean really loved sex and the city, you probably didn't care too much for desperate housewives. sure, there are some SATC lovers who will watch DH to pass their time, but we think that if you can apply SATC scenarios to your daily life and you wore big flowers on your jacket then you probably don't care too much for the hokey~ness that is going down on wisteria lane. am i right?

but now there are two new treats on tv, and i've been patiently waiting for lipstick jungle to start since i read the book. let's do a side by side comparison.

Lipstick Jungle: NBC thursday
-based on the candace bushnell book
-i love their cool jobs and the music on the show.
-that kirby attwood is a younger scott speedman... hello lovah!
-i like that they seem real. they dress cool, but don't go to work looking like they went to the salon for an up do.
-Hate: that victory talks like something is in her mouth.


Cashmere Mafia: ABC wednesday

- Produced by SATC alums: Darren Star and Jane Raab

-Costume Design by SATC's very own: Patricia Field's

-Men from SATC: Peter Hermann, Jason Antoon, Bill Sage, William Abadie (the prada dreamboat!), Daniel Gerroll

-On the flip side, i sort of love that their clothes are a tad over the top (ie: lucy lui) and that they have fabu hairstyles. (couldn't you just die for the red head's big barrel curls?)

-Hate: that they're all so persecuted by their husbands and boyfriends for being successful. oh and the lesbian story line... too samantha and maria.

obviously, i've seen more episodes of the mafia than i have of the jungle, but both really look promising. and by promising i mean the promise of good tv, not a replacement for my favorite girls from SATC. neither of them in my opinion, so far, have the wit and charm that the writing of SATC had, BUT I like that The Jungle has solid NBC talent from friday night lights, West Wing and Studio 60 scattered in their crew. now only if aaron sorkin could get involved...wait that's a really good idea.