Wednesday, February 06, 2008

come to a complete stop

i'm adjusting to the kentucky traffic, as driving here is very different from walking in chicago. people will go out of there way here to break the laws to let you in or let you turn, which is nice, but a little annoying. i don't mind waiting my turn. plus the roads are silent. not one single horn or cab alerting me of their whereabouts. even after 4 months it's taking some getting used to.

so today i was dropping my husband off to meet his boss to head towards cleveland on business, and i was waiting at a traffic light picking at my nails. i do this a lot... it drives most people crazy and has for 26 years. i look up and the light is green and the car in front of me is long gone. "I hate that people here don't use their horns. I wouldn't have been mad, but would have liked to have been alerted." "Well, you know this is Kentucky, and people here don't honk." but they all buy cars with horns in them...

So we get to the next red light, and before i can barely touch my breaks to stop the lady honks her horn. I don't play fair when people are acting unreasonable like this. so, i lay on my breaks and sit there and watch her get angry and yell at me in her mirror. having been the victim of two consecutive rolling through a stop sign tickets in college i always come to a complete stop, and because of that - i haven't rolled in years.

why was she in such a hurry? she had to get to the walgreens, doncha know! as luck would have it, i ended up back next to her on my drive home. i gave her the quick once over and watched as i pulled out. wouldn't you know the stay at home mom in her lexus SUV behind me nearly side swiped the honker as she was turning out. yeah, i pumped my arm in private victory. we won one for the complete stoppers!