Monday, February 04, 2008

let ME eat cake

i've been trying my derndest to stay away from sugar since the turn of the new year, and it's not the easiest road taken, because think about it all you sweets and treat lovers... you NEVER have a bad experience with cake or cookies or ice cream. yes, you might eat fish or hamburgers and get food poisoning, but has anyone ever in the history of the world gotten food poisoning from a deliciously moist cake with 2 inches of heavenly whipped frosting on top? i want to meet you if you have.

it's not that i CAN'T have sweets, or that i'm truly dieting, but remember - i'm trying to change my mindset and my eating lifestyle by being more aware. i love sweets so much, that i used to make exceptions whenever i pleased, and now it's more about not having every dessert that crosses my table but waiting for the best dessert to cross my table. my mother in law tried to get me to share smores with her this weekend... while terrific in the chocolatey graham cracker and marshmallow goodness... not the best. i refused to partake.

however, after working on my friends cupcake and other treat's blog this past week, i was ready to kill someone or something for a perfect cupcake. since i'm in hillbilly country now, there's no cupcake store to pop in and fulfill my need, which is probably a good thing, so i did what i know best and headed to the store.

look what i found....

why has no one told me about the reduced sugar cake mix and frosting? i hate you for not telling me sooner. since i married a communist that doesn't like cake, or any sweets really for that matter, i only made 12 and dumped the rest of the batter down the disposal. he is a good husband that will walk with me through the bakery aisle of the grocery store and let a girl dream. but no, i do NOT have the self control to have 24 cupcakes in my kitchen and not eat them all. i am trying to put the idea out of my mind that they are reduced sugar AND that i substituted oil with low-fat yogurt, because now i only have 10 and i swear they have voices and are calling out for me to eat them.