Tuesday, February 12, 2008

my latest obsession

i just realized that all i've ever said about living great had to do with food and visiting our friends. well, i want you to know that we're living great in other ways as well. for example, a couple of weeks ago we decided to cook a lovely brunch to start our day. when i say me, i really mean justin, because breakfast is his specialty, and i like for him to make it once a week, because every day isn't possible. we were out of eggs, so we grabbed our reusable grocery bag and headed out the door to WALK to the store. exercise AND going green... check, check! half way to the store justin looked at me and said, "don't be mad, but are we just walking to the store so you'll have something to blog about?"

funny he should ask. it wasn't just so i would have something to blog about, but i will say that this blog has held me very accountable to keeping my resolutions, and i can say that a month and a half in, i am most definitely living great in 08'. however, part of the living great was taking care of myself and getting proper exercise.

so i went to my local walmart last saturday and purchased my very own pedometer so i could see just how much exercise i was getting on a daily basis. GET ONE OF THESE! it's like my own personal reminder of how much exercise i'm not getting, and it has definitely motivated me albeit feeling guilty and worthless when my ticker doesn't get to 10,000.

trust me, you walk WAY less steps than you think! yesterday i ran 3 miles, walked 1 and then went grocery shopping, which means i walked up and down every aisle and across the superstore to look at the dvds and still went to sleep with only 8,500 steps. mine even talks, and will tell me how far i've gone and how many calories i've burned. it is like my very own jillian attached to my hip!