Thursday, February 14, 2008

our first valentine's... for the love!

as i watched justin nap the other day my heart overflowed with how much i love that man, and i began a post about all the silly and unique things that make up our love, and then i realized that there would probably be PLENTY of cheesy valentine's post, so i'm going to spare you, because frankly cheesy romantic junk embarrasses me! what matters is that HE knows how much i love him, and i bought a perfect card to try and convey a fraction of those feelings.

justin asked the other day, "Ok, so are you expecting me to send you a dozen roses or anything?" i emphatically said NO! i work from home, so what would be the point? there would be no office excitement of who got the flowers this time. plus i apparently have a hard time throwing flowers away. i saved the first roses he ever got me, and they look lovely in an old glass milk carton by my bed. However, i tried to save my wedding bouquet, and roses (i mean entire buds) keep falling out. i think i'll have to part with it, but you save your wedding flowers (for whatever reason), and i'll be the worst bride in the history of brides for throwing them away... oh look at that - i'm already over it.

in case you were wondering, we'll celebrate v-day the way we celebrate most days. we're having a nice meal at home, courtesy of tyler florence's creative food brain - i'll take pictures and share with you later. oh and the yucky love cards that we'll keep to ourselves.

*ps - happy birthday, mother! wish you were here to have dinner with us.