Wednesday, February 20, 2008

lonely lady

my other half has been gone all week to sunny florida and i've been cooped up in kentucky watching the weather change. i'm still not sure why i didn't find a loop hole to get me in on this trip, but i digress. it's been a lonely week of rearranging my kitchen, eating potent onions on my salad because there's no one to kiss, watching the american president, inside the actors studio, the millionaire matchmaker, jon and kate and of course - big brother! we dated long distance for so long that you'd think i'd be used to not having him around, but now that i'm used to being around him day in and day out, it's awful lonely! plus he took the lap top that i upload my pictures on to, so valentine's and his birthday pictures will have to wait!

as a tribute to my other half being gone i will tell a little story on him. if you've watched the news lately, you'd know that there has been one type of storm be it wind, rain or snow every week for the past month! so a few weeks ago we went to bed around 12 (i stay up so late on school nights now that i'm married!) and at 2 am we were woken up by the wind! it was literally howling into our windows and down our fire place. then we listened closely and heard this sweeping/banging noise that we couldn't put our finger on.

so, my gallant savior gets out of bed and walks into the living room. the noise was our front door swinging back and forth in time with the wind gusts. thankfully, i moved from the city to kentucky, so the crime rate has dropped dramatically. anyway... justin stumbles back to the bedroom door and groggily(is that a word?) but emphatically says - "Our front door has been open all night!" ok drama... our front door had been open for two hours.

he goes on into the bathroom to use the restroom when i realize i need to go too, so i get up, and rather than walk through the vanity to get to the bathroom i go through our bedroom door and through the dining room to the bathroom. sneaking (not on purpose) up on my husband from behind he turns around completely startled yet still groggy and says, "OH MY GOSH you scared me to death! I thought you were a robber about to hit me over the head with a candlestick and here i am all exposed!"

not as groggy, i say, "Justin - we don't even have a candle* in our home, much less a candlestick! furthermore... we don't live in the game of clue!"

just one of the many joys of living with a man=) gosh, i miss him.

*we use those wallflowers to give our home the scent of midnight pomegranate.