Wednesday, February 27, 2008

a cabby savvy v-day

alright, i'm back. we're settled into our month long stay in the new destination. if you don't know, justin and i travel for his work, and i work too, but he runs the show. basically, it's like an extended honeymoon in really glamorous places like missouri and next month - ohio! please try and keep your jealousy to a minimum!

hints of my gram are coming out in me, because our hotel has the best Continental breakfast you ever did see and i can't quit talking about it to everyone who will listen. my gram could tell you every good breakfast at every hotel she and pop ever stayed. talk about living great - this is the real deal. none of this bagel and cream cheese for the "healthy option." i have whole grain cereal and an egg white omelet with fresh veggies. mamma likes.

ok i promised pictures as soon as i reconnected with my computer connector, but i'm not going to post them all at once, because i want you to check back. i'm sure you're dying to know how we celebrated the first day of justin's 27th year!

first things first... our first v-day as an old married couple. and what could be better than making this cheesy holiday as cheesy as possible and putting our valentine's faces on our valentine's cards?

i hope that made the butterflies in your stomach flutter about, and if that's not the way to your heart... check out this meal.

it's hard for me, but i can admit that justin is the better cook in this relationship. he is a methodical man that processes his every move and doesn't make snap decisions. therefore, when it comes to being patient and following recipes he has me contest! you know me, i like to throw any and all things in to see what i can come up with... a lot of times a mess.

for the v-day he served me a pan seared steak over a bed of arugula with roasted peppers, feta cheese, and black olives. what was the dressing? a cabernet sauvingon reduction... thank you tyler florence, you little genius you! when i get home i'll post the recipe on here with specific directions because i promise that if you need a quick and easy meal to impress with, this is your golden ticket!

and for the record we DID drink the rest of the cab sav (gawd i love saying that abbreviation) out of our champagne toasting flutes! we forgot to use them at the wedding, and they are very nice, so i think we might have just started our very own valentine's day tradition!