Monday, March 03, 2008

throw your lean cuisines out!

i have mastered an EASY and ridiculously delicious lunch that is so quick and yummy that i promise you'll throw your lean cuisines out! you probably should anyway, because they aren't that good nor that filling, but that's besides this point!

i decided that with living great i was going to force myself back into liking seafood. i like everything else, so i figured i should like this too. then allie turned me on to the salmon fillets. They beautiful thing is that they come frozen, but in the time you can take a shower they are thawed out!

So here's what i start with... fresh ground salt and pepper, Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb seasoning, and of course extra virgin olive oil.

listen up - this is very important! dr. oz will say that you need about 1tbsp of olive oil a day. 1 tbsp of olive oil would be a TON for this salmon. you'll need half that to coat it - maybe less.

it is very important that you pour this on before it goes on to your non-stick grill pan, because...1. it is not good for your pan to pour the oil directly on to it. 2. it is not good for you to pour the olive oil anywhere but directly on the food. the goodness cooks out or something.

this is what your salmon and seasoning should look like when you're ready for it to go in the pan. leave it alone over medium to high heat on one side for 2-3 minutes... just eyeball it, if it looks like it's cooking fast, then flip it sister! the olive oil will give it a nice crisply char... yummm!

in the meantime... whip up a nice bed for your fillet to sit on. i chose mixed greens, because we had them left over from our lovely dovey vday meal.

to accent i added smoked almonds for a delish flavor and a crunch, black olives and feta cheese. and because i'd put garlic in chocolate cake if i could i added some of the seasoning over the top. sometimes i add some of my homemade salsa as dressing, or even apples to balance out the savory, but this time i drizzled more olive oil on top. which means i got in 1tbsp!

once the salmon is done, i shred it like this to go on top of my salad. and voila - this is the end result...

washed down with a blueberry smoothie... can't beat it! promise it took me longer to write this post than it did to cook and enjoy this living great meal!