Wednesday, March 05, 2008

HIS birthday HIS way

last year i sent him a friendly yet flirty card. enough to say i'm interested, but not too much to give it all away. the evening of his birthday he had a family dinner at pf changs, i had dinner at minnie's. in the cab ride to my restaurant he assured me there was still plenty of time to join him at his restaurant to celebrate his birthday. i can remember looking at flights at work... you only live once, right?

sometimes it's still a little hard to believe that a year ago we were still so guarded with our feelings and this year we're married.

so in honor of us celebrating his first birthday as marrieds, we celebrated his birthday his way. to get away from the typical family dinner celebration (don't worry, we still did that - we're not bad kids) we planned an entire day around what justin would want for his day.

it started with him sleeping in... i didn't even bug him to wake up when i started to miss him! then he lounged on the couch and watched the prestige... total guy movie and i still didn't bug him! then we headed out for brooklyn pizza - the kind you fold in half to eat - his favorite!

for christmas i got him a record player, and since we've already danced and sang along to every nat king cole and simon & garfunkel song we set out to browse a local store to increase our collection.

too bad there was nothing to chose from=( i kid! we came home with some fabulous albums by some fabulous artists like... stevie wonder, the police, elton john, the guess who and one more simon and garfunkel.

we rounded out the day by getting him a man's travel essential - THE rolling garment bag and having dinner at our favorite mexican dive - ceilito lindo.

and for my non-sweet eating husband i celebrated my way...
with one red velvet cupcake and one strawberry cupcake! you can't have a birthday without the cake, can you?

*thanks laura for for the bakery tips! as you can see they were put to good use!