Friday, March 07, 2008

come on, cry to me.

this is my favorite part of the whole movie. there's the vulnerable declaration of feelings and love and then oh gawd the dancing. seriously, does it get sexier than when he grabs her butt with her shirt in his hand and then dips her back? just watch...

patrick swayze will always be on my "top 5" list. he'll always be johnny castle with those bulging back muscles, and i'll dream about being baby in those white jeans. seriously though did you see that couple on oprah that learned the dirty dancing dance for their wedding and oprah brought PS out to dance with the bride? it made me cry...and jealous. honestly, if i was choosing between dancing with patrick swayze or getting ALL of her favorite things, i'd chose patrick. don't hate me.

it makes me so sad to think of the news of his cancer and when i first heard the story i choked up on the treadmill. i seriously do hope and pray that he will be healthy and healed.

for me and johnny...we'll always have kellerman's.