Monday, March 10, 2008

time change

i'm embarrassed to say that because of the time change i didn't wake up until 11:30am today. i know... slothful! there was mass confusion between me, the hotel clock and my cell phone clock. neither of which were correct, but i thought the cell phone was right. seems like in the olden days cell phones used to switch over by themselves. i digress, but i feel so guilty now... especially since the husband left for work at 7am. arrrrrrrggggggggg!

yesterday was our first day off in a long long time which was much needed after putting in back to back to back (i'm not making this up) 80 hour weeks. it was nice to rest our bones and get out in the lovely weather.

this is random, but a few of you commented that you have tried the John Frieda color glaze that i raved over a few weeks ago. i want you to know that i recently got the dark brown to try and i HATE IT!

so, i have to apologize if you've tried the color and not had the results that i promised you you'd have! when justin and i were around town yesterday he started rubbing on my neck and said i think you have make up on your neck. i knew i only wore powder and not my liquid base, but the thought of gooped up make up on my neck was enough to rush me to a mirror!

bless my heart... it was that dern color glaze! the brown had stained my skin. bless his heart for thinking i wear dark brown make up! plus the brown doesn't smell as strong as the clear did, so i have a feeling it doesn't work as well. so let me rephrase... STICK TO THE CLEAR!

also, since my hair hasn't been feeling as strong and shiny and vibrant lately (because i'm not using the CLEAR!) i bought some new conditioner that i'm dying to use and report back my experience! plus it's organic - total living great! i'm trying to stave off a massive hair cut for as long as possible. well at least long enough for me to get home and have it cut by a professional and not by my crazy self in the middle of the night!