Monday, March 24, 2008

pasha and sasha

the weirdest thing happened after justin and i got married. he seemingly lost his ability to find everything and i picked up the ability to find anything he'd lost. it's funny to me the things he can remember... he can't for the life of him remember where he left his golf hat, ipod, watch, phone - you name it, but he sure can remember who was on the dancing show from last summer!

the other day he struck his best so you think you can dance pose, and i am VERY sorry that i didn't take a picture for you, and said "Pasha!" just like they would if they came out and did their ditty and their name was announced. "justin, seriously - how can you remember pasha's name, but can't remember my name half the time?" (slight exaggeration)

then i remembered that he graciously went with me to the SYTYCD LIVE show and not only didn't complain... he took NOTES! it's not that i'm a DEMANDING wife, it's just that i wanted to remember what dances they did and he's the one with the palm...but now he's at work and i'd feel like to worst work-from-home wife in the world if i texted him to send me that list while he's working hard and i'm "working."

can you tell that lacey was my favorite? so sassy! hip hip chin chin!

of the pictures i took at those show these were the best ones. i had great seats, but there's only so much a point and shoot can do.

and for the rest of the story... after the stuck pose he said, "Yeah, so when do pasha and sasha come back on?" oh, don't i wish that it was the same people every season! good to know that my husband will indulge my guilty pleasures and he doesn't memorize EVERY name on the dance show.