Friday, March 21, 2008

hi, Lesli - where is your brain?

i'm totally embarrassed to say that i had to call allie on Wednesday to confirm that Easter was in fact NEXT weekend. it's not. it's this weekend. now that i've actually looked around, i see that there are signs in ALL the stores proudly announcing Easter. gosh, i'm such a bad baptist. sorry, God. guess there won't be any eggs or new outfits this year...

we got home Sunday and fast and furiously unpacked, washed, dried, ironed and re packed enough clothes for 5 weeks away from home and on Wednesday we arrived at our 4th new location and 6th hotel in 2 months! we love our life - we really do! this time we're in sunny Cleveland where spring was ushered in by a beautiful snow storm and i hear there is more on the way.

since i'm clearly not taking the time to stop for a minute and look around... i did. here are some shots of what i saw.

those stems really were that RED... cool, huh?

and to think last year i was stressed out about getting my other half the perfect Easter basket for a man who doesn't like chocolate bunnies or the cadbury goodness. {if you're a good little girlfriend this is what you're "supposed" to do} since the girlfriend pressure is gone, i'm hopeful that the baked jalapeno and cheese crunchies that i picked up at the grocery for him yesterday will make him just as happy and we won't spend the next 12 months collecting annoying basket grass from every nook and cranny imaginable.

hope you have a lovely Good Friday and a very happy Easter, y'all!