Wednesday, April 09, 2008

celebrating 27 years

public displays embarrass me to death - ie, flowers at work...birthday singing in a restaurant... proposals on a jumbo tron. i've threatened on many occasion to walk the check if the wait staff burst into song on account of my birthday. but when you're celebrating with friends at work AND you work in a restaurant... it's inevitable. thankfully, my husband personally hand delivered flowers to me to our hotel room and i didn't leave home without my min-chex.
he didn't get me a kroger cake which i specifically requested for him not. nothing against kroger or any other grocery store, but i love cake and if i'm going to take in that much sugar in celebration, it darn sure better be worth it. my husband, the non-cake-eater (read: weirdo!) didn't know to ask for the thick sugary goodness that is butter cream or cream cheese icing, so it was the whipped kind. and while not my favorite, i've rarely met an icing i wouldn't eat. he will learn this things in due time.
wait a second... take a closer look... does that say Happy Birthday Lelsi?
oh it does... poor little me. he'll also learn how to spell my name sooner or later. funny thing was someone that doesn't know me questioned the spelling and our good friend craig was all - "No, that's how she spells it - there's NO E!" not to worry, i ate it before anyone had time to notice, and really i didn't even notice myself until i was scrolling through my pictures the next day.
then came the loot... allie sent me a schmorgesborg of birthday goodies! you'll probably think she's weird for sending me spices or maybe i'm weird for being thrilled to death to have those sweet salt grinders, but hey - we really like to cook!

the yellow pot holder thing is the rachael ray mopine which beyond being so helpful will look fabu in my kitchen. if i can ever get home to use it... oh, and the sex and the city "card" - we have a girls weekend coming up to top all girls weekends! waaaa hoooo! 50 more DAYS!

justin also took me to a delicious birthday celebration dinner at Lolita (which i will be sharing the details later) and got me a really neat bible with my NEW name on it. for the record - lesli was spelled right.

ps - why does blogger refuse to SPACE when you want it to, but other times triple spaces everything?