Tuesday, April 01, 2008

the up-side

who knew there was un upside to being in freezing cleveland for 5 weeks? i found TWO up sides to being in cleveland, and I haven't been to h&m yet. interestingly enough, when i lived in an h&m town i went some of the time, but when i'm visiting an h&m town i HAVE to go.
the number 1 upside to being in cleveland is TRADER JOE'S. have you been? it's a little piece of heaven packaged up in a grocery store and this sister loves her the grocery store. seriously, i do - i walk up and down every aisle of any grocery store just for fun to see what i can find. i just love finding new treats... something away from the norm of just regular old grocery store food.

i used to live in whole foods capital and got to experience their grocery store coolness first hand, but mostly i just thought they were over hyped and over priced. then i moved to chicago and met trader joe's and it was love at first dip.

if you've never had the luxury of going to TJs allow me to enlighten you. it's TINY but not in an annoying way more like an easy to find everything way and you leave knowing you haven't missed anything. pictured above are my cool finds that are not only out of this world delish, they are GOOD for you AND ridiculously inexpensive, even for organic food. yes, at the top of my pros list for ANY store and especially trader joe's is that it's inexpensive. i want an over the top find for nothing! i proudly admit that i'm a bargain shopper! oh, and they have really cool packaging on a lot of their products that makes you want to buy them for their artsy appeal, but i didn't get any pics of them because i felt weird taking pictures in a grocery store.


1. Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup - consistency of a creamy tomato soup with the tangy kick of the peppers, but only 100 calories per serving. does that mean i can have 2 servings?

2. Reduced Fat Cilantro Dressing - if you've had the reduced fat creamy ranch you know that TJ's does NOT play around with their dressings!

3. Baked Soy Crisps: Feta, Garlic and Olive Oil Flavor - bad for the breath, good for the heart. awesome flavor, but not overbearing.

4. Tomato Juice - you know i'm addicted to this stuff, and theirs taste like pureed salsa. am i a little weird that i love that it is really thick and almost has bits of veggies in it? (at least i didn't call them chunks!)

i'll stop now and leave you with my absolute favorite find of them all...

with a nice 15 second sear for each side this makes a fabulous dinner everytime. seeing this picture gets my mouth watering, and i haven't even finished my coffee this morning. but i can't not mention that it ONLY cost $6 for two whole steaks. now pair it with their $3 wine... see, there's always an up-side.