Friday, April 04, 2008

anyone know what today is?

it's MY day! and i happened to be awake to see the clock roll over to 12:00am, but made it to bed before 2:17am when i was actually born. celebrating your birthday is fun at midnight on your 21st birthday, but for me there's something about waking up to birthday well wishes on all the other birthdays.

being so far away in cleveland, which really my friends and family live all over, made me feel like samantha on 16 candles and that everyone would forget my birthday and i'd have to get on my blog to remind the world and hopefully scrounge up a few comments.

thankfully, i didn't have to do that. my birthday always reminds me of they unique and wonderful people that i have met throughout my life and though i think of them often in my mind i feel special that they remembered me. it's never a concentrated group from one moment of my life, and i enjoy looking back and reflecting on how that person has affected my life by being in it.

is it weird that every year i think a few days before my birthday - wow, whatever age is so old! happens every year without fail and always makes me think that i wasn't really that old, nor did it sound old.
this is weird too... i always like to talk to my mom about the actual day of my birth. what she was doing... how she was feeling... and it seems like i learn something new every year. like this year i learned that i was born on a saturday. like on her way home from the bar she stopped at the hospital. (i'm kidding, mom!) for some reason i always thought it was a tuesday, but i met a woman this week who got married on april 4th, 1981 and i thought hmmm... married on a tuesday is weird. they must have done things different back then.

then i found out that my uncle was in attendance at my birth and due to the time of my birth and the weather outside he suggested my name be Misty Dawn.

that east texas~ish name would have been quite fitting with my attire in the last picture of me as a 26 year old! nah...i haven't run off to the country, i was just at a hoe-down in cleveland, oh! here's to 27 and all randomness and wonderfulness that it will bring to me this year!