Tuesday, April 22, 2008

what's up buttercup?

what do y'all think about outlet malls? i think they are mostly overrated, as the look like a shoppers paradise, but end up dissappointing more times than not. we saw a "nice" one on the way to cleveland, and talked about stopping on our way home if time permitted. really all i saw was the williams-sonoma outlet, and that was all i needed to make a detour.

we made it to the outlet around 8:54pm and they closed at 9. 6 minutes is plenty of time to make a quick run through, right?

on my rapid mission for a good deal, i happen to run into the kitchenaid artisan stand mixers with this sign above ~

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer



holy williams-sonoma i am no longer breathing.

buttercup is "my" color and i'm standing here with $300+ in WS gift certificates. what to do? of course i debated it. we've been eyeing that slow cooker and panini press for a while now and we'd most certainly use those more. BUT...

pro ~ $240 is the cheapest i've ever seen this mixer.

on the other hand $199 is still a LOT of money.

pro~ it's something i'll use for a lifetime.

but i won't use it everyday. it's still $199.

pro~ i'm standing here with $300+ of FREE MONEY in my hands.

it doesn't get much better than that.

so, i got the mixer! and a darling apron and a cast iron grill press with $75 to spare. how will i ever decide how to spend the rest?

guess i'll just kill time deciding by staring at the beautiful new kitchenaid mixer that is all mine!