Monday, April 21, 2008

impressed to say the least

during our 2 day lay~over from our previous trip i whipped up some homemade salsa for us to enjoy and for the past 5.5 weeks i've been wondering if we left the salsa on the counter. i was pretty sure i pulled it out of the fridge so we could take it with us to enjoy. or did i leave it in the fridge? either way - pretty gross. left on the counter, we might come home to some new creatures in the house... in the fridge we might come home to new creatures growing in the bowl.

verdict: left in the fridge. i set the bowl out on the counter last night until i worked up the courage to dump it down the disposal.
today when i took the lid off, here's what i found.

no signs of creatures OR scariness! almost looks good enough to eat... didn't even smell bad. alas, i threw it down the drain and was very thankful for my apparent air tight pyrex! seriously great wedding present - God Bless Pyrex!

we've had a busy few days, and we've almost emptied EVERY SINGLE BAG, and once i dig myself out of the laundry room i'll be back with a very fun full report! happy monday.