Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the weather outside is frightful!?!

the last time i went to a professional baseball game i looked more like this. i was blonde, i was tan, i was a sweaty pig (nice pit stain, huh?) that thought kacey was crazy for wearing a T-SHIRT! she'll burn up, won't she?

that's what i and most other people come to think of when they think of a day at the ballpark. a day with the sun beating down while you wash down heart burn hot dogs and funnel cakes with lukewarm stadium beer. oh yeah... and the game.

until justin took me out to the ball game sunday.

you wouldn't even know if i was tan, blonde or sweaty as covered up as i am! our mid april baseball experience in cleveland had a balmy high of 38 and a wind chill of 28, so i can assure you that of all the things i was - sweaty was not one of them.

we came prepared with layers and layers of clothes and gloves and scarves and ear muffs and desperately tried to tough it out with the 400 other fans. our layers were meager at best. i packed for April which equals spring and short sleeves layered with tank tops but failed to realize that cleveland equals long underwear and furry hats. has this been the longest winter in history or what? gosh, i am SO over it!

round about the top of the 3rd inning the familiar christmas melody played over and the loud speaker oh the weather outside is frightful... and on cue it started pouring snow which was our cue to gather our belongings and literally RUN to the car. i'm pretty sure i lost a toe or two to frost bite hitting the pavement.

there's just something about your eating an ice cold hamburger as fast as you can without even so much as a sip of water for fear of having to undress your layers that just doesn't equal baseball to me.

*of course TODAY it's 68 and sunny... what luck!