Monday, April 14, 2008

you say needs, i say sale

on the first day of mine and justin's pre-marital counseling our counselor looked us square in the eye and said, "I have NEVER seen a couple more different, but i think it's a good thing." to be quite honest, it was our love of similar things that initally intrigued me. like grey's anatomy... studio 60... our dislike of mushrooms, milk and seafood. initially. then of course we found other, more substantial things in common than tv shows, but believe me we also have our differences.

you know, our toMAYto/toMAAto things. it's among these differences that we find our balance and level each other off. for one, i've learned to not be so frugal and enjoy more frivolous things such as tv shows on dvd and he still lets me shop at wal*mart. but don't be thinking we buy those tv shows on dvd at wal*mart. we can ONLY get them at best buy whether or not it's the best buy.

so the other day we're in bath and body works looking at their antibacterial hand soaps. it's a stretch for me to be inclined to spend so much money on hand soap, but i've recently been turned on to Pink Grapefruit. oh my gawd... amazing. AND on sale- 3 for $10. perfect time to buy, plus i'm a sucker for multiples for a specific amount. doesn't matter if it's a good deal or not. so goes the conversation...

Lesli: i don't think they have the foam kind, but i love this scent, so i'll settle for the gel.

Justin grabs one.

Lesli: honey, it's 3 for $10 or regularly $4.50 a piece. why don't you go ahead and grab 3.

Justin: we don't need 3 right now, we only need one.

Lesli: we WILL need 3 one day and the sale...

Justin: we only need 1. let's just get one.

proceed to checkout

Lesli: do you happen to have this in the foam?

Clerk: we only have in stock what we have out, but you do know these are 3 for $10, right?

i guess she says SALE as well.