Tuesday, May 27, 2008

great list of great things

the counter says there are only 2 days left... allison and i already have our outfits picked out for BOTH scheduled viewing. we also found these very handy wine versions of capri~sun.

i will be dedicating this weeks posts to my good friends of sex and the city and their wonderful show. and since everyone loves a good list i thought i'd do a top 10 list of why sex and the city is so great.

10. because their clothes are so fashion forward. i swear to you that Pat Field is 5 years ahead of the curve. just the other day i saw Hop, Skip and a Week - where Carrie has jury duty. To which she wore high waisted pants with suspenders - which you could easily find in any store last fall. and when berger came back with the carnations - a tunic with leggings. be care when you see the movie and think the clothes are so outrageous, because you could be wearing that very thing in 2013.

9. because it's written to apply to your own life, and the words they put to it are so much better than what you could have come up with. sex and the city quotes are so much apart of my lingo that i can hardly tell where i stop and they begin. how many of you have seen something you love and can't help but think or even voice out loud heeeeeeeelllo lover! or when someone asks if you like wine... my friends like ALL wine.

8. because they are the only actors in america that can make you believe that there are 4 gorgeous best friends with the best taste in clothes and perfectly design apartments with a plethora of guys just waiting at their doorsteps to take them on dates. they really make you believe that you can have it all... if nice clothes, chic houses and hot men are what you're looking for. but seriously... i was in a sorority of over 200 women, and i've NEVER known 4 women like this.

7. because in the first season they all talk to the camera, but if you start at season 1 you don't know any better and you love the girls all the same. i will say that the end of the second season was when i felt like they were my friends and i was emotionally invested in their lives.

6. because of the fabulous parties they go too. how many of you would turn down an invitation to a big navy party during fleet week? let me just say right now that i did my share of parties in waco, austin, chicago and even lexington and none of them compare to big bands and navy men in uniform. even that wedding at the naval academy which wasn't too bad. or how about the hampton hoe down or the magazine party on the boat...

5. because all the DVDs have commentary and it fantastic insight to what the writers were thinking and what was actually going on at the time of the show. did you know that when carrie was going to the Guggenheim and it started raining that the paparazzi got a shot of her tummy when her skirt flew up and the prego rumors began to spread.

4. because they put things on the map and with a mention you are the hottest fangled craze... hello manolo blahnik, magnolia bakery, sushi samba, hermes birkin bag, tasti d-lite. just to name a few.

3. because the women show you what it means to have friends and be friends. it doesn't mean you have to be catty or bitchy or competitive. you can be yourself with your friends and you can be honest and deeply loyal and know that these qualities are respected and given back to you, because a guy's lucky to come in 4th.

2. because the men were men. they weren't perfectly chiseled and prince charming~ish... they were real. who of us can say we've haven't been with a man like big who was indecisive yet so appealing. or aiden who was perfect, but you weren't ready. or steve who might not be the best on paper, but you can't shake him. or smith who was younger and so sexy. or harry who was smart and funny but nothing to look at and you couldn't help but think he was perfect for you.

1. and just like when Miranda asked Carrie why people think Manhattan is so great... "Because it is."