Thursday, May 22, 2008

living great, packing great!

southwest airlines gives away a t shirt each month for the best travel tip and i will not be asking for a shirt when i'm though. this idea came to me, though unoriginal yet practical, after i spent and entire hour last week untangling my necklaces and earrings out of my travel bag i decided that there had to be a better way! i googled "jewelry travel bags" and could only find faux croc leather cases or tiny travel pouches.

neither of these would work, because i would NOT pay $40 for a faux croc leather case and lord knows i don't have a single piece of jewelry that would be described as tiny so nothing would fit.

i decided to get creative and here's what i came up with...

1. place jewelry in individual sandwich size ziplock baggy. the sandwich size was perfect for my big earrings and gaudy necklaces, and since it was clear, i could easily see what was in each bag without having to dig.

2. place baggies in desired travel bag. i love this bag, because it's big enough to fit all that i will carry with me!

so see i can add this to my living great in 08 plan even though some might argue that the plastic bags were a no-no, but you know i'm going to reuse them - time and time again! plus it was so handy pulling out a set of earrings this morning and not having to fight with 6 other necklaces to get them loose.