Monday, May 19, 2008

in case you've lost count

sex and the city has been everywhere lately - have you noticed? in the magazines, on the web, on tv. and i LOVE it! i can't figure out how i'm going to be able to make it 10 more days, because it is consuming my brain. i am practicing self discipline to keep from tearing apart the internet trying to find the one crazy person out there that happened to see it in london or berlin or the oprah show and is willing to spill the beans. i've contained myself... promise.

my sister in law asked me if i was excited for the movie because she saw an ad for it and thought it looked cute. like something i would like. i gushed, "YES - i am so excited! I have planned an entire girls trip to dallas around this very movie!" oh my gosh, she said, i haven't seen one minute of the show. in laws... (kidding, laura.)

so my girls weekend. allison and i have been trying to figure out the ideal capacity to see the film debating doing it up big dallas style, movie tavern, local theater and then we got invited to go sip cosmos pre show and take it in as a group at 11pm opening day.

allie: do you want to see it first thing in the morning?

lesli: kind of...

allie: me too.

lesli: AND... this is weird, but i think i'd rather see it without a group before i see it with the group.

allie: totally! in fact i'll feel better if we see it alone and we can bawl our eyes out and not be embarrassed.

we are weird, but for now we are seeing the movie twice in one day and have set aside extra funds to see it again if we like. one of us will have to carry a big purse that will hold our big sunglasses, tissues and of course mimosas in diet coke bottles - it's GIRLS weekend! waaa hooo!