Friday, May 16, 2008

soxy lady

i talk to gram about 3 times a week over the phone. mostly to keep her company and to talk about the really important things like just how smart everyone else in the family is and the meal they're serving for wednesday night supper at the church. and not to get all morbid, but it's totally living great... how many times have you talked to your gram this week? call her!

on one of our recent talks she asked me if i had seen the sales paper for Penney's that week. unfortunately for me, we don't subscribe to the lexington paper because right there on the JcPenney's cover was the stylish new capri suit that my Gram had to have. So as I'm trying to picture 1. a capri suit and 2. my Gram in this suit I can only think of the 3 pairs of casual shoes that she owns. Her huarache sandals and her reeboks in white or black.

Me: Gram, now you know if you wear your huaraches with your capri suit you can't wear socks, right?

Gram: Yes, i know!

which really she doesn't know that socks aren't appropriate for huaraches because i've only seen her wear them with socks, but she's in this stage where she'll agree with you if you call her out. mom, take note! i go on to tell her that i will tell my mom to be sure and get her those nylon sandal socks.

so for mother's day she wanted to be really crazy and go to a high school game. before she walks out the door she looks at my mom and says, "If Lesli could see me right now she'd be so mad."

oh dear... how can you be mad at your Gram when she's just trying to be festive and support her team from the afghan on her chair to her bracelet all the way down to her socks?