Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Update: The Fit Flop

a while back i asked y'all if you had any thoughts on the fit flop, and several of you have asked if i got them and what i think. i did get them and i'm here to tell you that i'm in love. real honest to goodness love with my fit flops.

christina got a pair to "test" with me and i'm happy to say that they have our overwhelming stamp of approval because they've passed the city and the country test. (turquoise toe nail polish, heeeeyyyyy!) i can't really tell if they give me a work out or not, but i do know that my feet and back don't hurt when i walk any distance in them and that's good enough for me.

you know when you wear something so much that you feel naked with out it... like your watch or your rings... that's me and my fit flops. i swear it put them on the minute i get out of my bed and don't take them off until i crawl into the covers at night. even when i dress up i find myself looking for a way to make them work. my sassy little sandals are sadly collecting dust this spring.

by wearing them 12 hours a day for the past month i feel like i've gotten my moneys worth out of my black ones so i put some of my wedding gift card money towards these brown ones below. for your information macy's carries more colors than bath and body works.

wish you could see them in person... the top is bronze with raspberry, tan and cream stripes. darling! just go get some... i promise your feet will be very happy.