Thursday, May 01, 2008

not everyone is hip to going green...

are you using reusable bags? you should be. besides the clutter you accumulate from saving them think of it as your small gift to the environment. for those of you that still watch oprah you should know that me and julia roberts have our bags in common because we both leave them in the car. it's the most responsible thing i do. once i unload my groceries or ANY purchase, i hang them on the door and take them to the car the next time i go out. Then they are always in the car no matter where i go.

with that said - not everyone is hip to going green. i had two different incidents just this past week.

1. Hobby Lobby - i went to hobby lobby 3 times last week looking for different things... frames, pillows, beads... everything in the store. I bought beads, because i was given a beautiful turquoise pendant and wanted to make a funky necklace for it to go on. I take all my necklace making equipment to the counter, it was all half off - yay! and the lady starts to ring me up.

when she swipes the last one i say...

Lesli: You can just put these in my bag
HL Checker: gives me a smirk and reaches for a plastic bag
Lesli: Ma'am, I brought my own bag, so i won't be needing a plastic bag
HL Checker: continues with smirk and pulls the bag off
Lesli: say very calmly - I have my own bag, so just put them in here.
HL Checker: puts all my stuff in a plastic bag and puts the bag in my bag with a smirk like i just showed you!
Lesli: dejected - I was just trying to save the environment...

The lady grabs the plastic bag from my bag and dumps the contents into my bag and yanks my change out of the door. i asked her 3 times BEFORE she put them in the plastic bag and i was polite about it. Why do i get the feeling that she and the customer behind me called me ugly names like hippy and unreasonable?

so then yesterday...

2. Kohl's: I bought a shirt there a few weeks ago and wanted to exchange the size. If i couldn't it was no big deal, but if i could i wanted to. I walk up to the customer service desk and explain my situation. Do you ever wonder how stores pick their customer service agents? It's like they purposefully look for the LEAST service oriented and unpleasant person on their team and put them there. i digress...she sends me to the dept and they don't have what i'm looking for, so i come back for MY shirt that i brought in in my reusable bag.

Lesli: they didn't have it, so i just need my shirt back.
K Checker: reaches for a plastic bag
Lesli: Oh, I brought my own bag, you can just put it in here. (i feel like i'm having de ja vu)
K Checker: looks at co worker and says, "Uhhh we HAVE to put it in OUR bag don't we?" other checker says YES!
Lesli: But what if i don't want in a plastic bag.
K Checker: Well then just throw the bag out in our store and keep it in your bag!

so i did. i wonder if they found the plastic bag?