Monday, May 05, 2008

WARNING: this might be the grossest thing i've ever posted

or it could be the saddest. depending on how you look at it i guess. remember back when i told you the story of how justin likes to save boxes? well, it still rears it's ugly head from time to time.

when i first moved to lex there were two pigeons that had hatched on his porch. why did they hatch? because the mama and papa pigeons felt comfortable enough to have their nest on our back porch. and why did they feel comfortable? because justin had left his tv box out there to make a nice cozy home for months! the birds finally got big enough to fly away, and they did, but they left all their nest debris and crap (literally!) behind. one day college football bugged me enough that i went out there and cleaned and scraped it all my self until it was sparkling.

months go by and we forget about our friends and their crap. then we leave for 5 weeks and justin cleans out our car. where does he put the box of our stuff? yep, on the porch.

this is the delightful treat we come home to. just in time to enjoy the porch with a nice glass of peach iced tea.

no hatching yet, makes for a much neater clean up. even i wouldn't have the guts or the stomach to remove hatched babies. AND he would have the egg in a bag in a trash can IN THE HOUSE if i hadn't reminded him how gross that was! boys are still weird. i had visions of little tiny birds jumping out of the bag and disrupting dinner!

the best part is what awaits me.

justin feels morally wrong scrubbing the porch down with hot soapy water, because that means soapy bird crap water leaks down to the porch below us. i, on the other hand, do not feel as morally convicted about this, because i enjoy keeping the porch door open to let in the nice weather and would rather not look out at bird crap.