Wednesday, May 07, 2008

behind the times

my husband is a music snob and he proudly embraces the title like a badge of honor. like snobby in the way that he refuses to buy music from itunes. yeah, he knows that the artist get money from that and you pay so it's not stealing. he just likes to purchase C.D.s in their cases with their jackets. What if your computer crashes and you've only purchased your music online? you'll certainly lose it all. but if i have the cd in my hands it won't matter what happens to the computer. plus i like to have the jackets, and my collection is a conversation starter, he says. a conversation that i don't want to start here.

so, unknowingly, i gave him 2 ipod gift cards for easter LAST YEAR. back when i was a good girlfriend who made him an over the top easter basket. i finally FOUND those cards the other day. they've been hiding for a year. since what's his is mine now and he won't use them anyway i made a purchase.

this is my first FULL cd purchase since Britney Spear's greatest hits and I got Amy Winehouse, Back To Black. please try not to judge my affinity for crazy women.

however, i'm really digging my purchase! i love oldies - 50s, 60s, 70s and my car radio usually stays on oldies, and this has an "oldies" flair but still a little pop. it was the perfect background music for my big spring clean on saturday! my other two purchases were Alicia Keys: No One (which i would have gotten the entire C.D. but christina has it... that's as good as me having it.) and Maroon 5: Makes Me Wonder. i'm just a little behind the times.